Maytronics Dolphin S100


Maytronics Dolphin S100

The Dolphin S100 is the introductory to robotic pool cleaning, the perfect investment for smaller swimming pools such as in-ground or above-ground vinyl pools. No more scooping leaves and scrubbing the floor. The Dolphin DB1 does this automatically.

Recommended Retail: $1,499.00


15 to 30,000 L


Easy to use, simple and reliable. The Dolphin S100 will take all the stress off the swimming pool pump and filter. Why would you have all of the dust, dirt and debris choke up you pool equipment. The S100 can do all of the heavy lifting cleaning and capturing all dust, dirt, debris and loose material into its own easy to clean top access filter basket.

The active brush rotates at 2x speed while the advanced navigating software takes control guiding the Dolphin S100 around the entire pool resulting in through and enhanced pool cleaning capabilities.

Light weight design with CleverClean scanning technology and easy clean net filter basket ensures efficient collection of dust dirt and leafy debris, leaving your pool floor clean and the pool water sparkling, ready for fun!

Enjoy an easy and relaxing pool cleaning experience. The Dolphin S100 has been designed to make robotic pool cleaning affordable for any swimming pool owner. The Dolphin S100 may only be a floor only cleaning robot, but for an entry level model, floor only provides incredible cleaning performance and efficiency.

The Dolphin S100 is the perfect robotic pool cleaner for swimming pools up to 8m in length. Building on decades of expertise in automatic robotic pool cleaners, the Dolphin S100 robotic pool cleaner combines advanced technologies with proven reliability which means you can enjoy a constantly clean pool with little effort.

With minimum investment, you can enjoy total pool cleaning, including the difficult to reach angle where the floor meets the walls.

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