Reasons to buy a Robot Pool Cleaner

With Summer right around the corner, it's the perfect time to look at buying a new pool cleaner. However, it is important to know the advantages of a Robotic Pool Cleaner vs a Suction Cleaner.

1. Save money on electricity - up to $350 per year

2. Scrubs and sweeps your pool surface - making it cleaner

3. Does not get stuck! - are you sick of your suction cleaner getting stuck in the corner? Robot pool cleaners are smart machines and recognise when they get stuck, reversing out and approaching the spot from a different angle

4. Systematic cleaning approach - gives you total pool coverage. Suction cleaners navigate the pool randomly and will almost always miss the same spots. However, Robot Pool Cleaners are intelligent machines that clean the pool systematically, ensuring that the entirety of the pool is cleaner

5. Reduce backwash by 33% - Robot pool cleaners save money on water and chemicals

6. Backed by a 2-3 year warranty - robot pool cleaners will give you peace of mind, knowing that they are covered by extensive warranty. In addition, robot pool cleaners are easy and affordable to repair, given their modular design

7. Regain your skimmer box - instead of having messy hoses blocking your skimmer box, robot pool cleaners leave your skimmer box free, meaning more debris is caught before reaching the bottom of your pool

8. Independent from pool filtration - robot pool cleaners reduce stress on equipment means longer life on equipment! Altogether, saving you money!!

9. Wall cleaning and climbing capability - means the robot pool cleaner can clean all areas of your pool. AKA total pool cleaning!!!

10. Easy to clean and maintain - robot pool cleaners either come with filter bags, baskets or filter cartridges which are easy to clean or replace!

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